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Smart, self-sufficient buildings are the future of construction industry. Kapella actively encourages environmental benefits of recycling chutes by developing multi-sorter PLC systems that are adaptable to future technology. The customizable touchscreen doors enable collection of recyclables separately.


The 360° rotating chute separator system is operated by an engine. The unit will position according to the predefined waste types and trolleys.


  • 300 kg Loading Capacity
  • Epicyclical Gear
  • 360 Degree Adjustable Control
  • Special angle positioning for washing repositions from 0 degree when the system is restarted
  • Simple Configuration from Control Panel
  • Sorts for different numbers of containers

Brush Cleaning System

Patented Self-Automated Cleaning System is innovated to clean the total vertical length of the internal surfaces of Kapella chutes. This automatically operated system is factory fabricated as an integral unit, ready for immediate on-site connection. A cylindrical housing, with replaceable brushes, is automatically lowered and raised on a high geared winch which has a ratchet to give operator safety. The water supply to the flushing head spray is automatically provided by a conveniently placed gate valve.

  • Wireless, fully automatic
  • 3000 Meters Long Washing Capacity
  • Adjustable Operation Speed
  • Integrated Disinfectant Tank

Fully automatic wireless cleaning system is activated from the operator panel. As cleaning starts, all doors lock and “busy” indicator led lamps.

With its fully integrated disinfectant tank on top of the brush, the sanitizing chemicals are sprayed to the tube surface equally. The brush not only makes vertical moves, but also spins around with 10 nw pressure to internal surface. The operator panel indicates the progress and position of the cleaning system instantaneously.

As soon as the cleaning is completed, the system is automatically restarted and doors can be used. The schedule of the cleaning system is set and changed from the operator panel.

The separator system is automatically positions to the draining channel. All jet sprays at floors simultaneously washes the chute after the brush cleaning by tap water.

Smart Control Panel

The master control panel is located at the garbage collection room and operated by a touchscreen panel for necessary control and configuration of the chute accessories such as automatic sanitizing system, exhaust fan, brushing unit and interlocking doors.

The control panel is interconnected with the fire and smoke alarm system in order to lock the chute in case of fire.

Manual Master Format