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CPT 556 consists of a hopper, charge box and compaction ram powered by a Gamak- Volt(1450 rpm) motor unit. Kapella design CPT 556 allows up to 80% area-saving within the container based on vertical and horizontal extrusion, forced through a constricted area of bedded discharge unit.

  • Pressure balanced, external oval gear type.
  • Repeat hammer action and automatic attendant alarm.


  • Trolley sensor for the occupancy of the container.

Enables communication of the staff when garbage requires to be removed.

Pump Rate : 14 Lt./min
Compaction Force : 220 Kn
Motor : 5,5 Kw / 3 phase
Cycle Time : 75 Sec.
Charge Box Dimensions : 500x500x600mm
Motor Brand : Gamak - Volt (1450 rpm)
Manual Master Format